The SOZO Ministry’s primary goal is to facilitate healthy connections with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in areas where there have been lies and beliefs about who you are and who God is. This is accomplished through an hour-and-a-half prayer session with a team under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As the team prays, the Spirit brings to the surface the lies the enemy has caused you to believe (often subconsciously), past sins committed against you or that you have committed, and trauma and/or wounding that are causing current problems. When we close the door that has given the enemy access in our lives and hearts, you experience freedom from ongoing strongholds and issues, just as God intended.

SOZO ministers are not degreed or licensed counselors but are simply Christians with a desire to help others overcome obstacles and strongholds in their lives. Our Sozo ministers come from a variety of backgrounds. All have received Sozo ministry, attended Bethel Sozo training, and then been mentored as an observer before leading any sessions.

One of our favorite aspects of SOZO ministry is that the focus is always on the issue the Holy Spirit is highlighting at the time. This approach is gentle because He surfaces issues we have the grace to address and maintain. He knows the pace we can handle.

How Can I Receive SOZO? Email us here.

We’ll send you an application. It must be completed by the person desiring ministry; we cannot receive applications completed by someone else on their behalf.
When we receive a completed application, we will send a confirmation email with your appointment information

Sozo is available for adults 18 and older.