Al Palmquist

Pastor Al has been in the ministry and law enforcement for well over 40 years. In his early years, He ran the day to day operation of teen challenge in New York working along side David Wilkerson. He was voted police office of the year by the fraternal order of police and even served as Billy Graham’s personal body guard for many of his crusades. With little help from national, state and local governments and police agencies, he personally investigated, unraveled and solved “The Minnesota Connection”, rescuing thousands of innocent young ladies from lives of indescribable horror.”

Al founded Midwest challenge and Safe House ministries which now operates in seven American states rescuing and helping young people in deep trouble.

Al Palmquist has written and sold books that have sold over 20 million copies; “the Minnesota connection” was once in the New York Times best seller listing and latter made into a full feature award winning film.

Now in this season of his life, Al comes to First Assembly to serve as outreach pastor to help us reach our community and those enslaved in sin and addiction. He oversees all our outreach ministries including our United Family Outreach (UFO) food pantry and UFO Thrift Store.