We believe that children are not only the church of the “future,” but that they are also the church of today. Through these children others will see Jesus and get to know Him. We have experienced entire families accepting Christ as Savior, simply through a child sharing the Truth of God with their friends.

Matthew 28:19 tells us to go and “make disciples”. If you’ll notice, it doesn’t just say to get them to come to a building. It says to teach them to teach others. Our ministry is based upon this principle. We want to teach our children that they can make a difference! A difference in their schools, their neighborhood, and in their homes. In other words, their world!

In Connect Kids we teach the word of God and how that it affects our lives, as well as practical ways to put God’s Word into practice. Our services are based on four main teachings: worship, prayer, evangelism, and missions. We do all of this in a high energy, fun environment! Everything that is done from singing, games, skits, and lessons are centered on the weekly theme. We want the children to learn important lessons but also know that it IS okay to have fun!